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Rebuilding the Online Presence of HQ Renovations

HQ Renovations approached Somer Design to elevate their brand authority and attract more leads. Somer Design has completed a wide range of tasks to achieve this goal while continuing to implement digital marketing strategies. While HQ Renovations began working relatively smaller jobs, Somer Design’s digital marketing helped transform the business cohesively.

Somer Design sought to take HQ Renovation’s vision and profile to the next level to attract further clients and improve reputation, all while improving online search rankings.

The Deliverables


Working with HQ Renovations to revitalise and refresh their branding has raised their overall business capacity. By redesigning their brand to market towards a more prestigious clientele, HQ Renovations have been able to elevate their reputation and authority within their industry.

Content Strategy

Somer Design’s comprehensive content strategy works closely with a company to find ways their digital content can better be tailored for their success. By reworking HQ Renovation’s content, Somer Design has been able to raise online rankings and improve SEO results.

Digital Marketing

Utilising years of digital marketing expertise, Somer Design was able to enhance HQ Renovation’s online presence and marketing strategies. Through content marketing, SEO, and social media, audience connection was significantly improved and a larger collection of potential clients was reached.


Working with Somer Design has provided HQ Renovations with a sophisticated, functional website to better showcase their brand and appeal to potential clients. This transformation has been able to better appeal to a range of commercial and residential clientele, and improved their overall online presence.


Through livery design and planning, Somer Design was able to deliver a comprehensive and unified branding across HQ Renovation’s sites and platforms. Livery was able to help visually pull together the revamping of the brand and heighten overall appeal.


Somer Design’s services expand through to signage, and by delivering advice and recommendation on signage changes HQ Renovations built a clearer, more effective system.

Social Media

By boosting social media presence and engaging with target audiences, HQ Renovations has been able to reach a wider demographic. Somer Design’s social media recommendations and services have been able to personalise the business further, creating better engagement and enhancing their success across a broader range of platforms.

Before and After

Promoting within the building trade is not an easy feat, and yet Somer Design has managed to implement digital marketing strategies that have resulted in measurable, practical success for HQ Renovations. Partnering with Somer Design has expanded HQ Renovation’s work further into the commercial space, with enhanced branding creating more major commercial projects and opportunities.

Somer Design’s website and content services have been able to create tangible results for HQ Renovations. This partnership has resulted in various keywords climbing significantly higher in organic SEO rankings, ranking up to eleven spots higher on results pages. HQ Renovations now have two keywords ranking in the top three – a notable success and improvement.

The Future of
HQ Renovations

The transformation undergone since HQ Renovations worked with Somer Design has set the business up for a long future of ongoing growth. The total revitalisation of the HQ Renovations profile and structure through digital marketing strategies has allowed for larger and more prestigious job offers, which will continue to increase results as time goes on.

The website and content provided through this partnership have paved the way for an elevated and reputable future for HQ Renovations. The recommendation Somer Design provided to partner with Jessica Cox Designs enhanced the business profile, creating a vision that will continue to draw in new clients and help them to better understand the level of work available to them.

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