How we Helped myCare
Become a Local Care Leader

About myCare

myCare is a Scotland-based care company delivering a range of home-based care services for their local community. For over 25 years, they’ve been growing their team and list of care services, which includes supported living, respite care and end-of-life care. They also offer live-in care services through their live-in care arm of the business: Guardian Live-In Care.

myCare’s founder, Nick, first met Somer Design founder Caroline Somer around 2017. They met not long after Nick exited management from a care franchise at a networking event. At this time, myCare had a basic website but required support to bring the myCare branding in line with the quality of their care services.

We proposed a range of branding and marketing activities that could help elevate their brand while reaching new customers and prospective employees.

About the myCare and Somer Design Partnership

Over their 7+ year partnership, Somer Design has led a number of digital projects for myCare, including:

Branding: Branding is a key part of business success. The myCare team know this all too well and chose to invest in their brand with Somer Design. We supported them to not only create their initial branding, but also with their various brand upgrades over the years.

Website: Somer Design designed and developed the myCare website. Plus, we continue to maintain the website through hosting and support.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Over the partnership between myCare and Somer Design, we have continually collaborated to ensure there is a strategy in place. Oue team of marketing strategists develop strategies that align with myCare’s current goals and priorities.

Content Development: Somer Design has created content for myCare in the form of website content, regular blogs, social media posts, newsletters, careers materials, and more. We have also helped to shape and evolve myCare’s brand voice to maximise the connection and success of that content.

SEO: Through search engine optimisation (SEO), Somer Design has supported myCare to rank for keywords on Google. With these increased rankings, myCare has elevated its local and industry online presence – bringing them more overall website traffic including more customer enquiries and more job applications.

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Digital Results Achieved for myCare

Since engaging Somer Design, myCare has achieved significant growth and is now established as a local leader in care.

myCare founder Nick noted some of the results of working with Somer Design. The first benefit was how marketing has elevated the local presence of myCare. He said that due to the branding, regular social media posting and frequent blogging, lots of people have commented to Nick that they see myCare “all over the internet”.

Somer Design has implemented detailed tracking and analytics to understand myCare’s marketing position. This not only provides insight into the number of users and user behaviour but also the growth and reach. Armed with this data, Somer Design can make strategic recommendations and decisions on a number of items, such as which keywords to target, what content to create, and which care services people needed most support with.

Beyond gaining new service users, Somer Design’s input has also had a positive impact on recruitment. Due to technical upgrades, applicants can now directly apply on the myCare website, which has digitised the application system and made things much more streamlined and simple.

Overall, Somer Design’s collaboration with myCare has allowed them to achieve a greater reach and a stronger brand presence. myCare is now known as a local care leader, and they have a quality digital marketing strategy to match the quality of their care.

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