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Imagine, a luxurious website design that not only showcases your business, but has business knocking at your door.
It’s not enough to just be good at what you do. You need to become memorably visible; a valuable asset in the industry you love.

Being a web design and branding agency in London, based in Harrow, we specialise in high-end luxury branding, graphic and website design across London. Led by Caroline Somer, we bring you the strategy, design know-how, and expertise that goes into creating an influential brand. Thus, giving you the impact you crave to help attract and win new business. Specially to those who find you through search engines.

A full day Brand Strategy and Positioning Workshop. Understanding your brand personality to align your values to your product benefits. After which, we’ll then plan the best strategy to communicate with your target market. We’ll explore routes to market and brand positioning to access new opportunities. Here, you’re no longer competing, but dominating. As a branding agency in London, we aim not only to improve your brand, but help create a road map for your brand to grow and thrive.

Looking to develop a new identity or evolve an existing one? As the leading graphic design specialists in Harrow, our signature package includes a face-to-face consultation session. This is to help us define your brand values and provide a clear pathway to design a visual identity for your business. Since we’re a web design agency in London, we aim to ensure we are accurate in conveying your brand’s desired identity.

Want a great high quality website? One that engages with your target audience and converts visitors into clients? Get a mobile-friendly, content-rich WordPress site with clear navigation and call to actions. A website that’s easy-to-update with a 1-hr free consultation session and training by our Harrow based web and graphic design team. We target clients based in London. Web design is an integral part in what we do, we aim to create high quality websites for our clients to not only enhance their branding, but to stand out amongst their competition.

Create a stand-out business

In a noisy and over-crowded market, getting your brand to stand-out can be the main factor that puts you ahead of the competition. When you intentionally design your business to stand-out, your products and services gain more attention and sales. You enjoy the loyalty of existing customers and gain the attention of new ones. When your business stands-out through your branding and website, this gives strategic methods such as digital marketing, the foundation needed to truly be effective when people view your website.

That’s why we pour a lot of time, research and creativity into our projects. Our approach is thorough – we ask a lot of questions to really understand your business and what makes it unique – to then bring that out through the design and content strategy. In addition, this helps create the perfect foundation for high quality search engine optimisation. Through being a web design and branding agency in London, we strive and make it our mission to not only enhance your brand and make a high quality website. But, to develop your brand and website to be so compelling, stand-out and attract new customers, that it gives current customers pride in sharing the brand they’re happily part of.

I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline and Somer Design on several client websites where she has been responsible for overall site design and branding. One of the qualities that impresses me the most is an incredible attention to detail, particularly where branding elements are concerned and how this is carried out as a project… read more

Robin Brown

Managing Director, Columbus Media Travel

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