About Mindability

Sam Eaton and her team at MindAbility help ambitious HR founders to grow their business, their way! They offer coaching, workshops, and courses to help HR business owners learn the tools and techniques to reach their unique goals.

The brief

When MindAbility approached Somer Design, they had a website and social presence, but did not have a staircase of products to offer clients. Our work started with a digital roadmap and planning session to understand Sam’s goals and what she needed. This way, we had clear goals and expectations about what needed to be delivered.

Our approach

The project itself included multiple elements and multiple teams from various specialisations. We constructed a Gantt chart, outlining the timeline for each element as well as the metrics of success.

After establishing Sam’s goals and a timeline of project milestones, we got to work! This project had a tight deadline which saw the creation and implementation of the entire digital presence in under a month.  The ultimate goal for Sam and MindAbility was to create a clear path for their audience – not only would the brand better relate to the audience, but the products would be ideally suited to the niche

Phase 1 was to create the assets needed to market. We started with strategy, ensuring every element served a clear purpose. Our team created the products themselves as well as the sales pages to promote them.

Once the website was fully redesigned and the assets were ready, promotion could commence. We executed email marketing and Ads to share the new branding and products with Sam’s audience. Building a product staircase allowed Sam to engage with her audience on a range of different levels – expanding the number of opportunities MindAbility had to connect and convert.

We adopted a truly integrated approach to the branding and marketing for MindAbility. From the initial plan to the creation of the product staircase and marketing of those items, every base was covered to maximise the chance of success.

The Deliverables

Product staircase: we developed a range of offerings to productise MindAbility whilst ensuring there were options for clients at each stage of the buyer journey.

Website with sales pages: a full redevelopment of the website design and content with the creation of targeted sales pages to promote the products.

Email marketing: implementation of email marketing to maximise conversions for MindAbility’s audience.

Payments for workshops, mastermind: inclusion of seamlessly integrated payment platforms on the website for easy tracking and transactions.

eBook, workbooks, slide decks: the strategy, creation, and distribution of the products themselves.

SEO: completion of search engine optimisation tasks to improve organic search rankings.

Ads campaign: the management of an Ads campaign to instantly reach the niche audience and acquire leads.

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The result

MindAbility is now running their signature workshop monthly and is onboarding members for their Mastermind course. They are also actively selling their eBook online. Sam and her team can now focus on acquiring new customers while continuing to network and promote the MindAbility brand.

Sam continues to build her database and regularly engages her audience via social media and other online platforms. She has a pipeline of leads and is tracking the metrics of various marketing activities. Sam has her sights set on a retreat in early 2023!

testimonial quote icon

As a business coach working with HR consultancy founders around the world, it’s a tough market; in order to grow, I needed to disrupt and what I had, simply wasn’t cutting it.

I had a lengthy conversation with Caroline, and she came up with a detailed plan 48 hours later, to completely transform the look and feel of my business, including all my materials which was overlaid by a strategic marketing plan to help scale my sales funnel.

Within three weeks of receiving that plan and signing it off, the sales funnel was in place and to top it all – I got the first sale of my e-book within the first 24 hours.

I now have a clear product staircase in place, with a set of deliverables and goals in place, thanks to the Gant chart she has produced for me – the sales plan!

The website has been completely revamped, republished, to take on any of my international competitors. I have the confidence that not only what we deliver is top class – so is the entire client experience from the first touch point with MindAbility.

I couldn’t recommend Caroline highly enough and I look forward to seeing how my business moves onto the next stage in 2023 and beyond.

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