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Optimising the Website Ready for Digital Marketing

Blackbox UC is one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies that deliver Unified Communications and compliance solutions. Colin Griffin, founder of Blackbox UC felt that customer service was not being prioritised enough. When he set out to create his telecommunications company, great service was a core value, all he needed to do next was let his audience see that.

The brief

Blackbox UC approached us with the goal to share their business values more effectively with the right audience, to drive forward sales and connections. They were looking for a fresh brand design and marketing strategy that enhanced their visibility and established them as credible industry experts.

Our approach

We started with a sleek website redesign that showcases their new colour palette and logo, conducting thorough competitor analysis, keyword research and looking into their market position in a deep dive strategy session to understand their business goals and target audience.  We continue to ensure that their newly optimised content remains regularly updated to help Blackbox UC to land on the search pages of their intended audiences.

We devised a full digital marketing strategy to establish credibility and demonstrate Blackbox’s deep industry knowledge. We developed insightful and engaging content spanning all forms of media from, social platforms to weekly newsletters to blogs, and thought quickly on our feet to take advantage of relevant trends to such as Black Friday campaigns.

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The result

Blackbox UC new colour palette and logo created a cohesive and recognisable brand identity spanning across their sleek new website redesign and social media platforms. Their expansive insightful content and digital marketing plan has established authority and labelled them as industry experts.

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“Caroline and I had a 1-2-1 to get to know more about each other and to get to know each other’s businesses.

During our meeting, I learned that Caroline could offer a ‘Free Website Audit’ to my existing clients and my prospective clients.  I asked Caroline to carry out a survey on my websites.

Later that day I received an email with a video link.  In the video Caroline took me through each page of my websites, detailing and explaining the areas that needed work to make the sites more attractive to visitors and to grab the interest of the potential customers.  The video was so good, professional and really informative, I learned so much about my existing set-up and how it compared to more productive sites.

I came away from the exercise with a list of areas to improve which would improve my rankings and improve my success with SEO and PPC campaigns for the future.  Off the back of this first step of improving my websites, Caroline explained the power of communicating with my existing clients and new prospects by using email marketing as a medium.  We are now in the process of formulating a new campaign to get my company brand and messages out to an identified market.

From my own experience, I realised the huge potential I had to offer this service to my existing clients FOC as an added value service and to open up new opportunities for Somer Design.

I thoroughly recommend you try out the superb service Caroline has to offer and you will experience first-hand how good she really is and the expertise she has in her field.  Caroline offers a top-end professional service and I am very excited about introducing Caroline in to my clients and working much closer with her in the future.”

Colin M Griffin

Co-Founder and Director, Blackbox Unified Communications

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