Simultech IT

Website Design | Content Writing | Digital Marketing Strategy

Simultech IT needed a website design that reflected their values and passion for what they did.

Simultech IT provide tailored reactive and proactive solutions to help SMEs manage their IT services 24/7. Founded by husband-and-wife team Bharat and Manju, the two shared a passion for technology and helping otherswe were brought in to help them share their passion more effectively with their audience.

The brief

Simultech IT have the knowledge and skills to support their clients, and needed a website and content that would best convey their ‘brand story’. Their target audience needed to have a clear understanding of what they could do, and why they did it. We worked with Simultech to build a digital marketing strategy that strengthened their story and got both team members and potential clients on the same page through a stunning website redesign to showcase their purpose and message.

Our approach

We began the project with a kick-off session identifying the key elements of their business needs and what message they wanted to convey with their brand story: who their target audience was, what we’re their pain points and how could Simultech solve them? With this background knowledge we were able to write content that would naturally align with their audience. 

We transformed Simultech’s website into a hub of helpful information which was straightforward to navigate the design was clean, simple, and effective. To support the new design we developed well researched, keyword optimised content that demonstrated their depth of industry knowledge and established them as a credible service provider and attract their target audiences to solidify Simultech IT’s goal to help others.

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The result

Simultech IT’s website was transformed into a space that could truly reflect their business values to their target audience. Their clean and simple design showcases content that solidifies their industry knowledge and desire to help.