Top 7 Lead Magnet Ideas

Want to create an irresistible lead magnet for your audience but not sure how to deliver the content?

We have collated a list of our favourite lead magnet ideas, showing you seven ways to offer value to your audience and grow a database.


1. Template/ Worksheet

Branded templates are an excellent, high-value download that you can offer your customers as a lead magnet. When deciding what to include in your template or worksheet, try to select something that your customer can use repeatedly.

2. Checklist

If you’re looking for an interactive and practical lead magnet, consider creating a checklist. Your custom checklist should include concise information and actionable tasks that allow your customer to feel an instant sense of accomplishment.

3. Report

Your lead magnet should highlight your industry expertise. A report can be a great way to organise statistical information or data collected from a study. We recently created a report after surveying over 50 coaches, and the results were incredibly insightful. To view our coaches report – download it here.

4. eBook

eBooks are commonly used as lead magnets by businesses from all industries. They are a high-value resource that can include multiple components. Whether it’s info, inbuilt worksheets, checklists or images, your eBook can be entirely customised to suit your business and unique audience.

5. Quiz

A quiz is an exciting and engaging lead magnet that allows you to learn more about your customer. After concluding your quiz, your customer should receive an instant result, bonus or shareable graphic.

6. Webinar

A webinar is an enticing and engaging lead magnet that is an excellent tool for businesses with a technologically savvy audience. If your target customer is an avid social media user and loves visual content, a webinar is a great way to connect.

7. Free trial


If you’re a service-based business, a free trial could be the perfect way to lead your customer to a sale. It offers them a risk-free, no-obligation way to trial your business and determine whether they’ll be a good fit. A trial class or free week is particularly appealing for a brand-aware customer that engages with your business but hasn’t yet converted.

Which lead magnet is right for your business?

The most irresistible and successful lead magnets are customised to their unique target audience. They address a common pain point or solve a shared problem and provide value to the end-user. When choosing the right lead magnet for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What are their common problems or pain points?
  • Does this lead magnet offer value?
  • Will my customer be enticed to download this lead magnet?

We can help you to determine the best lead magnet for your business.

The three essential components of any lead magnet

When designing a lead magnet for your website, the three most important factors to keep in mind are specificity, immediacy and brevity.

Specificity: Be specific in your offering. People don’t respond to the general. The more specific you are, the more a potential customer will believe that you are talking to them directly. They are therefore more likely to connect. Also, the lead you get from being specific is likely to be a high-quality lead. What that means is that they are a higher chance of becoming a client.

Immediacy: Your lead magnet offering should have an immediate benefit or solution. There’s no point in offering something that takes ten weeks or even ten days for you’re the prospective client to see/feel the benefit. It will put them off. We live in an age of instant gratification. If your offering doesn’t provide them with a sense of immediate value, someone else’s will.

Brevity: When you ask for information, be brief. Maybe ask for just a name and email. If request too much information, chances are that your prospective lead will switch off or be put off. Especially in today’s climate of privacy issues, people are wary about giving out too much information about themselves. Ask for the bare minimum, and you are likely to get a response.

Custom lead magnet creation

Our team offer full-service lead magnet creation with content writing, graphic design and technical set-up. We’ll even help you market your lead magnet to achieve the maximum benefit. If you want a custom lead magnet for your business, contact our team today!

'Done-for-you' Lead Magnet

We’ll help you choose the best lead magnet for your audience: cheat-sheet; top-tips; e-book; worksheet or even a mini course.

Or drop us a message to find out more.


The consult will be a 20min call to help determine the best lead magnet for your audience. All we’ll need are the key points for the content and then the creative team will get to work creating an irresistible lead magnet for you.

Caroline Somer - Somer Design Founder & CEO

About Caroline Somer

Caroline Somer is a London based brand consultant, designer and digital marketer that helps businesses get more visibility and better results from their websites.

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