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New high-end beauty clinic looking for a stunning website and brand identity

Zenabia are a start-up skincare and cosmetic clinic in London that provide high quality tailored treatments for their client’s individual needs. Zenabia pride themselves on their level of customer care, which is why we wanted to match their level of dedication with their new website design and stunning logo to help their clients know they’re in safe hands with Zenabia.

The brief

Zenabia’s were looking for a logo and website design that would help them stand out in a busy London beauty scene and help to establish credibility from day one. Their brand needed an understated elegance and a feeling of unhurried luxury to entice their target clientele. We wanted to highlight the high quality and cleanliness of the business to allow clients to feel confident and reassured those results would be delivered.

Our approach

We understood the weight that credibility and trust held in this industry and were set to capture this through their brand and website. We kept the logo design clean and precise, giving it a timeless beautiful feel. As a newly established business, the text only approach allowed us to keep things simple and memorable by emphasising their name to help develop some brand authority. 

We carried this clean and simple style throughout the website which kept the content looking lightweight and professional. The colour palette was feminine and chic, created with the ideal clientele in mind. We surrounded knowledgeable content, and glowing testimonials with elegant photography to capture the level of luxury that Zenabia provides.

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The result

A luxurious and elegant brand identity featured through a stunning logo and website design that supports Zenabia’s debut into the beauty industry. With our insight we were able to establish an aesthetic, user-friendly platform of information to help establish some immediate credibility for this new brand.

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