Sarah Free

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A charity champion looking to showcase their brand identity with a new logo design.

Sarah Free is a community advocate dedicated to growing local and national charities through networking, event planning, brainstorming, and fundraising. To establish integrity and instil confidence in her future client projects, Sarah wanted to develop her brand story.

The brief

Sarah Free needed support to identify what story she wanted to tell her audience, who she wanted to help, why, and what she could offer. Sarah connected with us to help develop this story and devise a strategy that would showcase her values and purpose to potential clients.

Our approach

We began with a guided brainstorm to help get a clear understanding of her story. We helped to identify who she wanted to help, what issues they were dealing with, and how she could solve them, what value she was able to bring, and most importantly, how to communicate all of this!  

Focusing on her online presence, Sarah was able to go away with a strategy to help her establish confidence in her connections in order to help them grow and develop their charities and allow her to expand her influence and support across England. We designed a logo with an enticing colour palette that founded credibility and tied her message to a recognisable, trustworthy anchor point.

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The result

Sarah Free was able to strengthen her platform with key information that told her brand story and shared her values and goals with her target community. Her stunning new logo provided foundation on which to further build her incredible reputation and purpose!

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I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” 
A trusted business connection introduced me to Caroline and I’m so glad they did!  I was looking to create a personal brand which conveyed my passion for the causes I volunteer for and she completely ‘got it’ from the get-go.  Caroline’s personal involvement and understanding, combined with her talent, patience and experience quickly exceeded my expectations.  I really enjoyed the experience and am delighted with the professional result.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Sarah Free

Sarah Free – Charity Champion

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