5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

You may say that 2020 is a write off; that it’s the year that wasn’t… but from a content marketers point of view, that’s not really the case. Given that the majority of us have been homebound and glued to our screens for almost 60% of the day, from a marketers point of view, you couldn’t have a more “captive” audience.

So, what are content guru’s doing these days to pique the attention of their audiences… The Entrepreneur shares some of the trends for 2020. The article was written before Covid-19 struck, but the process of audience attraction hasn’t changed really.

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Caroline Somer - Somer Design Founder & CEO

About Caroline Somer

Caroline Somer is a London based brand consultant, designer and digital marketer that helps businesses get more visibility and better results from their websites.

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