What is Integrated Marketing and Why is it Important?

What is Integrated Marketing and Why is it Important?

Digital marketing has become THE number one method of marketing for businesses. It allows companies to access cost-effective results and expand their reach. Using integrated marketing improves brand loyalty and reaches a wider audience, leading to increased revenue. But many businesses neglect to plan and strategise, meaning their marketing efforts are not rewarded.

This article will discuss the importance of integrated marketing. For a tailored integrated marketing plan for your business, contact the Somer Design team today!

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at producing a consistent look, feel, and overall tone to your business’ message produced across all channels. It considers the message your brand wants to portray and applies that message, along with the message’s style, to any marketing material you use. Integrated marketing is used throughout any and all advertising campaigns, online and offline, from TV to retail to print. Digital integrated marketing refers to specifically online marketing like email, SEO, and social media.

Why Invest in Integrated Marketing?

Using integrated marketing has a range of benefits, such as:

  1. Enhances Results and Saves Money

Integrated marketing strategies cut out conflicting messages that can arise using traditional marketing. When it’s easy to see a clear message that’s simple to understand, potential customers will stick around to see what your business is about. In turn, those new customers are more likely to stay loyal to your company for the same reasons. This cuts down on advertising expenditure while also elevating results.

  1. Elevates Brand Image

Your brand’s image is only becoming more and more important in today’s digital world. Consistency within your image— meaning everything visible including logo, headers, style guides, etc— builds trust in your audience. They know what they’re getting and can recognise you easily. This keeps your image in their mind so it springs forward when they think of your industry. As a bonus, it also saves your business money by using consistent image branding.

  1. Builds Trust and Connection With Your Audience

Customers want to feel a connection with their chosen brand. A cohesive message combined with a unified image builds trust in your audience, resulting in that feeling of connectedness. This unified message encourages consumers to interact with your brand. The more experience a consumer has with your brand, the more trust they build in you.

  1. Using a Multi-Channel Approach

Digital integrated marketing combines all your channels needs into the one approach. This also enhances team morale as it saves time for your marketing department, leaving them more time to think and collaborate to come up with great ideas. Integrating social media into your advertising campaign reaches a wider audience, as some consumers only use social media, or only use traditional media. Integrating across channels broadens your reach considerably.

Caroline Somer - Somer Design Founder & CEO

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If you’ve been wondering how to elevate your brand’s image and keep costs down at the same time, digital integrated marketing is the answer you’ve been looking for. An integrated marketing approach is important to build trust and a connection with your audience. This also converts potential customers into loyal and valued customers who will stay with you for the long term.

At Somer Design, we adopt a digital integrated approach to your marketing campaigns, helping you to maximise your results online. Book a free call today to see how a digital integrated approach could help your business.

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