How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Follow these 16 top tips to boost the conversion rate of any landing page.

This article is designed to help you boost your landing page’s conversion rate and build a database of people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

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Whether you’re creating a new landing page or improving an existing one, these tips can be quickly and easily implemented- no advanced technical skills are required, and no shortcut marketing tactics are used! Once you’ve followed these simple steps, more customers will feel compelled and ready to take action with your business.

You’ll notice that the tips are in order so that you don’t become overwhelmed. We have added examples and recommendations to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

After working with countless coaches, entrepreneurial business owners and not-for-profits, we’ve noticed that just by implementing these tips, it’s possible to increase your conversion rate by up to 40% if you’re collecting leads, a name and email addresses.

Even if you’re selling products or services, you can boost your conversion rate if you follow these tips:

Top Tips

Benefit laden headline

The page headline should complement the copy and be clear and concise. This is the first thing your reader will see, and it should compel them to take a closer look.

E.g., 50 Powerful Blog Post Ideas


Address a specific point that will catch the reader’s attention more than a vague and uninteresting sub-headline.

E.g., That everyone will want to read!

Images and video

Use images and video that relate to the copy. Using videos of user testimonials and product images can positively affect viewers and encourage them to look further.

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Your content should outline the benefits of your solution. Spelling and grammar should be impeccable throughout the entire document. As a simple rule, keep your content clean, concise and easy to follow.

Call to action (CTA)

After a visitor reads the landing page headline, they must know what to do next. What do you want them to do? Think about the customer journey.

E.g., To make sure you get your free ‘customizable blog post template’, enter your name and email in the form below.


Identify the keywords people interested in your service might be searching for such as, 'free', 'new', 'buy' or 'download now'. A conversion button should stand out.

Social proof

Take advantage of trust indicators and include testimonials, press mentions and guarantee seals as an effective way of building trust.

E.g., Read how other clients have benefited from following these top tips.

More detail

Tell them what they will get when they opt in and download your offering. You may want to highlight this with images to increase intrigue and click-through rate.

Happy clients

Share company logos of clients already happy with your service (with their permission, of course). This reinforces your message and builds brand trust.

Harrow Carers
Call to action (CTA)

This is a reminder of what they need to do. Tell your customer exactly what information they need to give you to receive the offer. You can have several reminders throughout the page.

Contact information

Make this as easy as possible and don't ask for too much; otherwise, people will give up.

Additional CTA

They may be ready to purchase straight away, so give them the option to 'buy now' or 'book now'. Think about appealing to your audience at whatever stage of the buyer journey they are at.


Try not to give your audience the chance to get distracted or leave the page. Remove any navigation or links in the footer. Company name will be enough.

Be polite 🙂

It's nice to thank your audience, especially when they've done what you asked them to do. Remember to include the option to 'buy now' as well.

Make sure they received everything

Make sure they can access your download and that they know where to retrieve it in the future.

Kick-back email

The kick-back email is your follow-up message to your new subscriber a short time after the exchange occurs. This email starts a conversation with them to keep them engaged with your business.

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