A Beginner’s Guide to B2B Digital Marketing

Business to business marketing doesn’t have to mean countless phone calls and letterbox flyers. Far too often, businesses make the mistake that digital marketing is only for consumable products for the end-customer. Rather, it’s an effective tool for B2B marketing – when done the right way.

Use our guide to start your B2B digital marketing journey and reach out to us at Somer Design for more targeted advice.

B2B vs B2C Digital Marketing

The difference between business to business (B2B) versus business to consumer (B2C) marketing may seem as simple as targeting an organisation rather than an individual. However, the differences between the two require a much deeper understanding of your target audience’s motivations, decision-making processes and buyer’s journey.

For instance, in B2C digital marketing you want to be speaking to a targeted individual whereas B2B requires you to appeal to a whole team of key decision-makers. This often means your customers will have a longer path to conversion than B2C would, as there are more decision-makers and complexities along the way.

Naturally, B2B audiences are driven more by logic in what is best for their organisation rather than emotional purchases. This means that rather than appealing to basic emotions in your digital marketing strategy, you should be demonstrating how your product will achieve the best return on investment.

1. Establishing Your B2B Online Presence

With the tools for an online presence ever-growing in numbers, it’s important to start at the right place and build upwards. Knowing your roots is key here, so ensure you’re conveying these values best through your owned media. Owned media is essentially anything under your organisation’s direct control, such as your branding kit, website, newsletters and social media posts.

Develop Your B2B Branding Kit

Developing effective branding should be one of the first points of call in business development but it’s often found an afterthought. A branding kit can be a useful tool here in defining your brand and maintaining consistency across platforms. This resource should essentially contain all the rules for your brand and how they should be applied, such as logos, colour schemes, tone of voice, imagery and fonts. As a B2B brand, your tool kit should reflect this appropriately and professionally.

Does your business to business branding need an overhaul? Get in touch with us at Somer Design to create a brand identity that connects with your desired organisations.

Wow Your Business Audience with Website Design

Once a visitor clicks on your site, you have just 15 seconds to make an impression. This means every detail counts, from functionality to ideas and aesthetics. In B2B it’s crucial to have a website built for conversion which is integrated with your CRM system. It should be the hive of your digital marketing strategy, where all other platforms link back to in one way or another. Times are changing, which means as a traditional B2B organisation you need to get most of the usual sales process away from the phone and online instead. Think of your website as your number one sales rep; is yours driving sales results?

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2. Growing Your Online Presence

After setting the foundation for your digital strategy, now’s the time to start evolving your online presence. The good news is there’s plenty of platforms you may use to do so.

Be Your Audience’s Solution with SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO), aims to attract users to your website by using the right keywords relating to your product or services. This is a hugely popular technique in B2B digital marketing as it’s cost effective and results-driven for return on investment. Your customers will likely already be searching for the keywords you’re using (if done correctly), which means the traffic will be targeted – letting them come to you.

Prioritise Social Media and Content Creation

A lot of B2B organisations overlook the utility of social media as a discovery tool for their business offering. If you’re using social media but aren’t getting the results ask yourself; are we on the right platform? Are we connecting with a B2B audience? Is our content on-brand?

Consider using video demonstrators and explainers for your products. This can be a great tool for your website and social media channels, and is often more engaging for users than extensive text. LinkedIn is a great place for sharing relevant blogs and content about your brand and industry and is a great way for networking with business audiences.

Start With (And Constantly Review) Your Strategy

Develop a digital marketing strategy which is results-driven and focusses on your business values and goals. You can start by making sure your goals are SMART; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. In B2B, your customers will need to be reached at various touchpoints before making their final purchase decision.

Consider developing buyer personas and customer journey maps to ensure you’ll be there first. Think integrated marketing – consistent messaging from your brand across various platforms to create a unified message that business customers simply can’t say no to.

3. Tracking Your Online Presence

What’s the use of setting goals if you’re not tracking their progress? In 2022, there’s an abundance of tools and resources for tracking your business growth and strategy effectiveness. You may not have the time for crunching numbers, but this is where a digital marketing expert can do the heavy lifting. From here, all that’s left to do is refine for optimal proficiency (and keep it on-brand of course!).

Develop Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing doesn’t need to be inaccessible for B2B audiences. With the right strategy and expert help, your business will be building its online presence in no time. At Somer Design, we offer comprehensive branding, web design and digital marketing assistance tailored to your business needs.

With experience in B2B marketing strategy and execution, we can deliver an integrated campaign to generate real results for your business! If you’re ready to take the next step, book a call with our owner and branding strategist, Caroline Somer.
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