More than your average bookkeeper

Bluepath’s core focus is about ‘keeping your finances on track’. However, as we rebranded the website it was important to highlight the wrap around financial services that they also offer their clients. 

They also wanted to do something a little different to your traditional bookkeeper and create a unique style of illustrations that would make their brand stand out. 

Starting with a brand strategy session, and deep dive into the passion that drove the business owners forward we presented our concepts for the website and a brand story that would help them differentiate from their competitors. 

As a result the company underwent a transformation online and signed up for our ‘Content Generator’ package to continue to build brand awareness across their digital channels with case studies, blog articles and social media posts.

We loved creating this layout it’s fun, clean and elegant with a really intuitive customer journey, thank you Ruth and Karl for putting your trust in us and letting us work outside the box 🙂

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