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We’re only a few days away from Christmas! With the mad rush of Black Friday now behind us, UK shoppers are firmly focused on getting ready for Christmas, with retailers now rolling out their Christmas ads in full swing. Some campaigns have been met with a muted response – the once gold standard John Lewis suffered an audience backlash for being too ordinary with this year’s ad – whilst others have pleasantly surprised us. We look at three Christmas ad campaigns currently on television that deserve the praise:

McDonald’s – #ReindeerReady

Last year saw the fast-food chain adopt an emotionally-driven Christmas campaign for the first time in the UK, and this year McDonald’s has ramped up the sentiment with its latest ad. Using perhaps the most looked-over item on its menu – carrot sticks, which are an alternative to French fries – the 90 second film shows a young girl saving her carrot sticks for Santa’s reindeer, much to the bemusement of her family.

There are two reasons the campaign works for us. Firstly, it helps normalise healthier food options by showing how they fit in with the Christmas experience. Not once is the actual Christmas menu at McDonald’s shown, and this is a positive thing. Behind the scenes, the campaign is a collaboration between McDonald’s and Snapchat, where the latter have set up a dedicated portal (accessed via https://www.reindeerready.co.uk/) and hashtag, motivating children to get themselves #ReindeerReady this Christmas by choosing carrot sticks over French fries.

Boots – #ShowThemYouKnowThem

In less than 60 seconds, Boots manages to show us the crazy strange bond sisters have. Unlike almost every other campaign from the big retailers, this one doesn’t shy away from real-life, showing the two sisters bickering and fighting, whilst also deeply caring about each other. That’s what makes it a memorable ad.

Amazon – “Give”

Despite being the biggest online retailer in the world, this is Amazon’s first worldwide Christmas ad campaign. What we like about it is how it takes the Amazon brand design of a smile, and brings it to life through song. It is subversive yet familiar, as we all recognise an Amazon box when we see one! We also like how the ad incorporates real-life Amazon workers simply doing their jobs, yet ties it back to the joy of giving at Christmas. The idea is that with Amazon, Christmas comes all year round, and it works.

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