Mencap Barnet

Our client was a mental health charity with an outdated website and a brand that needed a fresh approach. We were asked to revamp the branding, refresh the logo and design a new website to present the charity as exciting, lively and current.

Our kick-off session helped establish the charity’s goals – how they wanted to be perceived by their target audience and what they wanted to achieve with the website. We reviewed the customer avatar and mapped out the journey to ensure we helped the audience quickly find the information they needed. 

Our weekly catch-up sessions with the client through each stage of the project made sure we were on the right track and they were happy with the direction we were taking.

The client now has a vibrant brand story that is reflected in their refreshed logo and an updated website with a clearly defined navigation path and stand out calls to actions directing website visitors to take specific action when browsing the site e.g. Donate, Get in touch.


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