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How to Generate Interest at every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

There is a case to be made in focussing your efforts at every stage of your customer’s journey. It’s not enough to put your energy into developing only the last stage or the ‘click on the buy’ stage. You have to make sure your customers are interested enough to get there.

This article in The Entrepreneur shows you how …

At Somer Design, we understand the importance of each and every stage of your website’s marketing funnel as well as the journey your customer takes to reach the ‘click on the buy’ stage. Do give us a call on 020 7112 9068 or email us at if you think we might be able to help 🙂

Caroline Somer - Somer Design Founder & CEO

About Caroline Somer

Caroline Somer is a London based brand consultant, designer and digital marketer that helps businesses get more visibility and better results from their websites.