Rebrand for a carers charity

This project started as a request to build a subsite for one division of a charity. The first part was a workshop with the whole team to build the charities’ brand story.

In the workshop, we drew out the essence of the charity and created a new brand identity and marketing strategy for the organisation. By the end, we were also asked to redesign the whole website for them 🙂 and help with a promotional film.

We worked with the teams from Working for Carers, Harrow Carers and the Carers Trust (umbrella body), to formulate the charity’s key messaging and vision. This helped us to design a new logo and branding strategy that would attract and engage the charity’s stakeholders – the carers who would use the service, the volunteers, the staff and potential donors to the charity.

In addition to the design, we created a short-term and long-term content marketing strategy plan. We also produced a 2-min a promotional video for Working for Carers, with department store John Lewis. Showcasing a carers’ success story as they got their dream job.

The result for the charity was a fresh engaging logo, in line with the brand vision of the charity. An up-to-date, user-friendly website that takes the customer quickly to the information they need. And a content plan for weekly blog posts along to help raise the charity’s brand authority.

"Caroline and her team are great to work with. Their approach is very much on achieving the organisation’s goals and for us that is raising awareness of our services and getting more carers to engage through the new branding, web site, social media and film. A lot of work went into planning and making the objectives clear then the team worked quickly to create the materials with the right look, feel and functionality. We were trained in how to maintain things ourselves and provided with really useful videos with step by step instructions. A successful project delivered on time with a minimum of fuss and a professional standard.”
Michael Coker | CEO

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