Rebrand for Harrow recruitment agency

Burton, Bolton Rose run a success recruitment agency but their website didn’t match the quality of the service they offered, it looked dated and often broke down. After yet another incident they called us for a fresh approach. We were asked to refresh the logo and design a new website to present the company as exciting, lively and current.

In our brand planning meeting, it was important to think about the two different audiences, the company looking to hire and the candidate looking for work. With these two targets audiences in mind we could plan a customer journey to suit both. This helped us define our strategy for branding, website design, navigation and the best ‘calls to action’.

The client now has a vibrant brand story that is reflected in their refreshed logo and website, with a clearly defined navigational path and ‘calls to action’ that not only stand out but help visitors get where they need to go quickly.

"It was Somer Design’s enthusiasm and professional attitude that ‘sealed the deal’ for us. We felt that we were not just paying for the service but for their skills, opinions and experience. Their collaborative approach coupled with their insight into the work we do and their ability to see the potential for us, made them the right choice. We would heartily recommend Somer Design to any business thinking about rebranding or a new website.”
Harrow Recruitment Agency

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