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Founder Budak Dekorasyon and acclaimed craftsman Metin Macit launched Budak in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, and quickly built a reputation as a leading name in prestige furnishings. After many years of growth in their home market, Budak looked to expand and approached Somer Design in summer 2017 to transform and relaunch their business into a global brand. With a tight deadline of new offices opening in London and New York in autumn 2017, the client wanted their new brand identity to reflect the global appeal of their business, yet remain true to their roots in timeless art deco design.

Led by Caroline Somer, the Somer Design team worked with Budak to identify the business’s strengths and marketable attributes. Through a brand identity workshop, we discovered the association with Metin Macit – a furniture craftsman associated with the British Royal family – would help Budak stand out in the highly competitive London and New York markets.

Crucially we pinpointed the specific audience Budak wanted to appeal to in these new markets. We saw the company didn’t have much by way of an online presence, as the market in Turkey is different to the UK and USA, and there was no consistent use of the existing branding and colour palettes. Using this information, Somer Design then dedicated hours to researching how to best appeal to the high-end British and American interiors market, yet ensuring we maintained familiarity with the existing branding and reputation.

We began our transformation by introducing new sub-branding to help globalise the Budak brand. “Budak” became “Budak Istanbul”, and the new London and New York offices followed a similar naming convention. We decided with the client that from a branding perspective, London would make sense as the focus office, through the close association with British aristocracy.

We then refined the brand logo for improved legibility and a softer red colour scheme that would work across the global, whilst nodding to Budak’s art deco artisan roots through the typefont. Somer Design designed and implemented a global brand guide for each Budak office to follow, and developed a range of stationary, showroom point of sales and branded furniture lining for Budak to ensure consistent use of the brand in all areas of business.

To improve the visibility of the brand in the UK, we designed an equally high-end website for the Budak London branch, with ecommerce functionality in place for 2018. Keeping in line with the overall brand identity, the website feels like a natural extension of the quality and promise of the Budak London brand. We wrote a compelling brand story that fleshed out the partnership with Metin, as well as the brand’s global aspirations and introduction of new business partner Dogan Cagatay to lead the expansion. We also prepared four new branded social media channels, ready for the London office’s opening in late 2017.

The results of the rebrand are speaking for themselves. Within 3 days of opening, the New York office took its first furniture order of $350,000, and there is equal buzz surrounding the opening of the London branch. See our work for yourself here or by visiting the Budak London showroom.

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