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Build Your Online Reviews with a Review Funnel

In today's digital age, people rely on reviews when making buying decisions. If your competitors have better and more reviews, potential customers may choose them over you. That's where online reputation management comes in.

We focus on smart SEO reputation management tactics to ensure your brand shines on Google when people search for your products and services. Our dedicated review manager keeps an eye on your reviews, helps gather more, and uses valuable feedback to benefit your business.

Ready to strengthen your online reputation?

The Review Funnel Package

  • Review Optimisation: Optimised reviews across multiple platforms: Google, Facebook as well as industry-specific review sites that matter to you.
  • Landing Page Creation: We create a landing page on your website that matches your brand.
  • Email Sequence Creation: We create an email follow-up sequence to nurture your clients into leaving a review.
  • Flag Unhappy Customers: We catch unhappy customers for offline recovery before they give a 1-star review
  • Review Notification: We create a Landing Page on your website that matches your brand
  • Printed Cards: Get 250 printed cards to hand out to customers/clients in person and Poster artwork so you can print out as many as you like for the office

The Details

  • The review funnel is per location. Multiple locations require multiple review funnels This plan is month-to-month with a 4-month minimum and can be cancelled anytime afterward. No long-term contract


£450 setup fee waived!

Already a Somer Design client? Pay just £99/month.

Do Google Reviews Help SEO?

Absolutely! Google reviews play a pivotal role in SEO. Not only do they provide potential customers with organic feedback, but they also serve as a testament to a business's credibility and reliability. Leveraging online reputation management tools, a reputation manager can effectively manage Google reviews to optimise your brand's online presence.

Consistent positive reviews send a signal to Google that your business is trusted and authoritative. This directly impacts local search ranking factors, enhancing your visibility on local searches. Furthermore, these reviews create fresh user-generated content, a factor that search engines love.

Strategy Beyond Reviews

The world of Google reputation management isn't solely about accumulating reviews but ensuring they accurately represent your business. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, showcases an active engagement with customers and can further boost your SEO efforts.

In essence, Google reviews and SEO are intertwined. A strong review profile not only bolsters your online reputation but also enhances your position on search engine results pages.

Why Online Reputation Management Should Matter to You

Reviews influence a significant portion of purchase decisions. Neglecting online review management can drive away potential customers, while proactive engagement can boost trust and SEO rankings. In today's digital landscape, managing reviews isn't optional—it's essential.

89% of users read online reviews before buying the product

93% of users have made buying decisions based on an online review

Only 24% of businesses always respond to negative reviews

Online Reputation Management Inclusions

  • Review Oversight and Thoughtful Responses
    Stay in the loop and actively engage with your audience. Our real-time review monitoring ensures you're always part of the conversation, and we craft professional responses on your behalf.
  • Consistent Monthly Review Campaigns
    We proactively reach out to your customer base every month, encouraging them to leave reviews while managing these interactions seamlessly.
  • Harnessing Valuable Internal Feedback
    Gain essential insights to enhance your services and offerings. We facilitate the collection of valuable feedback to help you continually improve.
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Growth Insights
    Stay one step ahead of your competition. We closely monitor their progress and leverage these insights to drive your own business growth.

Online Reputation Management FAQs

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies to shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual, or other entity on the internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services by addressing content which is potentially damaging to it.

Reputation management involves a combination of tactics to positively impact your brand online such as addressing negative reviews, promoting positive content, and using feedback to improve internal operations. It’s a proactive approach to control what information is displayed when people search for your services. 

A brand’s online reputation can be a deciding factor for consumers. Positive reviews can drive sales and trust, while negative reviews can deter potential customers. Reputation management ensures that a business is portrayed in the best possible light, making it essential in the digital age. 

The cost of online reputation management can vary based on the needs and size of your business. To discuss potential pricing please book in a call and we can discuss your requirements.

The Review Funnel Package

We’ll optimise your online presence and elevate your digital reputation. The Review Funnel Package includes landing page creation, review generation, email creation, printed cards, and more!


£450 setup fee waived!

Already a Somer Design client? Pay just £99/month.

Grow Your Reviews Online

If you’re ready to take your online reputation to the next level, work with Somer Design and gain professional monthly management.

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