15 Ways to Build Your Brand’s Authority

by Caroline Somer | Sep 4, 2019

15 Ways to Build Your Brand’s Authority

One of the ways to attract new clients and retain existing customers is to build your company’s brand authority. In other words, make your business the ‘go to’ as a first stop for any information needed about your industry. Of course, this is not easy… it requires time, investment and a concerted effort to share your knowledge of your business and industry with your customers, suppliers and partners through a variety of channels.

This article in The Search Engine Journal, outline 15 ways your business can build and consolidate its brand authority.

At Somer Design, we have recently introduced the 90-day brand elevator with a view to kickstart your company’s journey towards being a brand authority.

Do give us a call on 020 7112 9068 or email us at studio@somerdesign.co.uk if you think we might be able to get you started on being known as the ‘guru’ in your industry.

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